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A Little Thing Called Stories – Favourite Reads

I love reading, its a great way to escape from reality and enter a whole new world of escapism. There are so many books that I could rave about in many of these sections but this week I will focus on some of my favourite books. I read so many different genres etc that there is a lot that I could list but here are 5 of the many that I could of chosen from.

1. Can you Keep a Secret

Out of all the Sophie Kinsella books, this is one of my favourite, it is also one of those books that you can imagine being turned into a film. It is funny, a great read and has a really good ending. The story is about a girl who hates to fly  thinks she is going to die in a plane crash when it suffers bad turbulence and blurts out all her secrets to the person sitting next to her….who ends up turning out to being the CEO of the company she just lost a huge deal for. He ends up working in her office in London and starts mixing up mayhem when he starts using all her secrets against her.

2. Harry Potter and the The Prisoner of Azkaban

When I eventually got into the Harry Potter books I loved them, I couldn’t get into them straight away but when i did it was fantastic they were really good reads with great surprises around every corner. There are two books that are my favourite but because this one was first and had the bigger impact on me originally I felt it was only right that this one made it into the top 5. To me this is like the Empire Strikes Back in the Harry Potter books, it had so many great twists and turns and was so fun to read and find out what the outcome was.

3. Idiot Abroad, Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkingtons views have always made me laugh and this book was no different. Based around the travel television show, the Idiot Abroad, I actually preferred this to the programme because it went more in depth as to how far Ricky Gervais and Stephan Merchant actually stitched him up. Its a great read with a lot of laugh out loud moments.



4. Bear Grylls, Facing the Frozen Ocean

I have read a lot of Bear Grylls books because after reading his autobiography he became an inspiration to me as he just keeps pushing himself to keep going and aim for the sky. This story in particular was a fantastic read about  a very brave risk of a journey he made across one of the roughest seas with 3 other people in a rib boat. Just like his book about Everest there are some gripping moments and it is amazing to think that he accomplished this.

5. Sherlock Holmes and The Valley of Fear

i started to read the Sherlock Holmes books just before The Abominable Bride aired on television. I just felt it was time to read the classics as I enjoy the BBC show of it. I didnt start at the beginning I have read them in a weird order but they still have not really mattered. The first book i read without the short stories was The Valley of Fear and halfway through the story changes perspective to a completely different character. I didnt get it at first but when I got to the end of the book and realised the outcome it blew my mind. it was such a fantastic read and really enjoy reading them.



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