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The last blog post of this theme is going to be all about something that isn’t really spoken about loads but has had a massive impact on me and my development when it comes to music. I have always been a huge music lover and it has always played a huge part in my life. However some computer games, predominantly the world of Tony Hawks opened my eyes up to new bands that I still listen to toady and love. So yet again, this is a post dedicated to Tony Hawks and some of the bands / music it introduced me to.


It’s quite funny, I thought the fist time I saw or heard of Zebrahead was when I went to a gig in 2007 to see Bowling For Soup and Bloodhound Gang in my first few months of University. Actually, when I played Tony Hawks a few months down the line and looked at the music, I noticed Zebrahead were on it, played one of the catchiest songs on Number 3 and I hadn’t even noticed!

Bad Religion

Bad Religion was another band that I hadn’t really heard of until the Tony Hawks soundtracks. I started to like their music instantly and ended up becoming a fan of their music.


I fell in love with the music of Disturbed as it was one of the catchiest songs on the Tony Hawks Underground 2 soundtrack. I really enjoyed their heavy sound as well as their catchy riffs.

Dropkick Murphies

The first time I heard DM I am sure was Tony Hawkes, and then I went to Boston and they were played everywhere! They are a fantastic band with really cheerful and catchy songs and used to enjoy having them on the soundtrack.


Another band that I discovered through the wonders of gaming – whilst I don’t listen to them very often, I do like their music when I am in a right frame of mind.



This game opened up my eyes to another fantastic punk rock band, Rancid and I really do thank the game for that as they really are a great band with some fantastic songs. I used to love listening to this song when i played and would always wait for it to come onto the playlist.

Jimmy Eat World

I am not 100% sure where i head about Jimmy Eat World btu i know for  fact that Pain was one of my favourite songs ever on this game. i used to wait endlessly for it to come onto the soundtrack and many a time would skip songs just so i could listen to it.


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