ALBUM REVIEW: 3oh!3- Night Sports



This is one band that I love waiting for new albums to be released because each album has a different sound and always challenges what you instantly relate to this band yet always keeping to the original nitty gritty sound they originally brought way back when they first came around. This is a band that isn’t really promoted very much in the UK and the last time they properly were was when they released songs with Katy Perry and Ke$ha but since then they haven’t really had the recognition in the UK that they deserve.

Their last album was released in 2013, Omens so it was exciting news to hear that they were releasing a new album this year. Streets of Gold which was released in 2010 I felt was one of the best albums that they had to date as all the songs on it were catchy and that you wanted to relisten to because they all had a familiar theme. As much as i like some songs off the albums before this release, i felt that the music structure was a little all over the place. The 2013 release Omens was another fantastically constructed album, more up tempo very dance themed with a lot of heavy drops and raps it was such a high energy album.

When singles started to be released off of the new release Night Sports I was at first very uncertain as to whether I would like it as it felt like it was going back to the nitty gritty that I wasn’t that fond of originally. However, from listening to them more then once my whole decision on these songs has changed and I actually love them as once again, 3oh!3 have revolutionised their style whilst also keeping they same bases of their musical routes in it.

Night Sports that was released today has got a different sound compared to other albums but does revitalise the Raw sound they originally had. The album has some very catchy songs such as Mad At You which has a saxophone jingle in the chorus that is really distinctive and stands out as one of the best songs on the album.  Another song that has a fantastically catchy chorus is the song Freak Your Mind it has a great tune and really gets stuck in your head.

The songs like others on the record has parts of it that are like the harsh and rough raps that was originally visible on the original 3oh!3 album but that is not a bad thing it brings it into its own and stands out.

This album is more reflective of its bands roots compared to albums like Streets of Gold which could be contrasted as a more mainstream and commercial strand of the band. There are some songs in it that are quite bizarre but because they are under the name 3oh!3 the songs work and also could easily of earned a place in their debut album. A great example of this is the song My Dick which has the grittiness of the first album that fans know and love. It is also a very bizarre sing with English accents throughout and at first hearing you are not sure about it as a concept but as you listen again and again it really does grow on you. However I don’t believe it’s one of the best songs on the album.

Overall if you are already a 3Oh!3 fan then you are going to like this album however if your not I think it will take you a while to get your head around their style but once you do, you won’t be able to get enough.


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