Russell Howard is famously known for talking about his mum a lot when he does his stand up shows. He tends to talk about the many different personality traits that she has as well as one of them being embarrassing he son from time to time which is mentioned a lot in Howard’s stand up. Russell also wrote  one of show at Christmas called “A Gert Lush Christmas” last year to highlight some of these personality traits.

It’s been announced that now, Russell is taking his mum on a little road trip across the United States of America. Comedy Central has ordered 2 series of Russell and his mother, Ninette, exploring the USA, as Howard tracks the length of the country for his stand up tour.

The show which currently has no name, will see the duo exploring the weird and wonderful world of America. Russell’s tour in the USA doesn’t start until May 2017, so it looks like there is a long way off before we see anything.

However, the travelogue type television show is not a new type of programme anymore, so it  will be interesting to see how it will measure up to compete with other hit travelogue shows lead by comedians.

50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy – Emmy winning television series with Baz Ashmavy and his mum have been a firm favourite on Sky for a while, diving into it’s third series very soon.

Idiot Abroad – This show was so successful that it lead to Karl’s own television show The Moaning of Life. People loved the way Ricky Gervais and Stephan Merchant would set up Karl.

Travel Man – A spin off from the show Gadget Man, Richard Ayoade explores different countries with a unique look with one of his fellow comedian friends.

Asian Provcateur – This show sees Ramesh Ranganathan and his mother return to BBC Three with a second series of this show.