Aprils Comedy Show Of the Month: Ian McLaughlin – The Science Of Laughter


Ian McLaughlin – The Science Of Laughter


Do you love comedy? Do you like a good laugh that tickles you rib cage so much that you cannot breath? Have you ever asked yourself the most important question – why do we laugh and how do we even know when something is funny? Well now all your answers about all things comedy can be answered in this fantastically funny and also informative show that is playing at the Stand Newcastle on 5th April.

There are so many different types of comedy, from your slapstick comedian to your wordplay and one liners. This is a show like one you have never seen before and it’s guaranteed to give you a entertaining night and also leave you walking away looking at comedy in a way you have never seen it before.

The show is performed by ‘Professor’ Ian McLaughlin from the Institute of comedy research who will be taking you on the roller coaster journey through the scientific theories behind the laughter. Ian is a big name on the Newcastle Comedy circuit as he is one of the members of the improv group The Suggestibles who sell out night after night tickling the North East with their on the spot made up comedy, so there is no-one else that is better to take you on this hysterical journey.

Here is what Ian had to say about the show when I sat down with him to find out more:

“The science and psychology behind laughter is really fascinating. I think people will be surprised at how our bodies and brains react to funny things. There will be lots of facts and silliness, experiments and custard pies. I’m a complete geek and love everything science. In fact this is my second show with an academic theme. The previous one was called Good Timin’ and was a look at the Nature vs Nurture argument.”

The show starts at 20:30 and doors open at 19:00. Tickets are £7 and can be found by clicking here

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