Performing at Edinburgh Fringe this year? If so you need to read this…

Are you heading to Edinburgh fringe this year? Then you may want to start using this brand new website to help you out on your way. Fringe Funder is the first and only crowdfunding platform in the world to charge no service fees. The aim of the website is to support work at the Fringe allowing Theatre Producers, Comedians, dancers, musicians and anyone else to put more towards their shows without the 5% service fee that websites such as Kickstarter and Indie GoGo charge.


Even though the website is free it will still have similar features to other crowdfunding platforms including campaign management tools and backer-only updates. The website will also allow for two types of funding to be selected by the user, Keep What You Raise – which is where the user can keep all the money no matter what. The other option is called All of Nothing – where the target must be met to receive the funds.

The website is set to launch in March 2016 and will be limited to 40 campaigns with a selected 10 having their project filmed and edited professionally for free! If your interested visit for more information.


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