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A Little Thing Called Film – Musical Moments

I love Musicals and musical moments in films – they bring a such emotion to the point they are trying to make and always entertain and audience in the masses. Musicals are one of my favourite genres of film and felt it was only right to dedicate a blog post to it. This blog post will not just focus on the “Musical” but musical sections of films that I like because they were unexpected or because they have a certain meaning to me. I find that the use of music is such a fantastic source to create emotion and emphasis to a scene and that sometimes it can have just as much impact to a film that mis-en-scene would.

Make ‘Em Laugh – Singin’ In The Rain (1952)

Singin’ in the Rain is one of my favourite films and this is one of the best parts of the film. I  went to a lecture on this film by a Met Film School lecturer and she explained that originally this song was not part of the film but Gene Kelly was so impressed with Donald O’Connors talents (his family were part of the circus and he learnt his unique gymnastic skills via growing up doing this) that he asked for the Producers / Writers to create a song just for him to sing and perform. This is the only original song in the entire film. Also mentioned in the last blog post, I am a huge fan of Donald O’Connor.

El Tango de Roxanne – Moulin Rouge (2001)

I love this film, the music creates so much emotion and its so well choreographed and edited and I love that every music sequence is so different. Everyone in the film can sign so magnificently that it really does emphasise the love and the passion in Christian (Ewan McGregors) heart. I have posted this song because it really shows strong emotion of jealously and is so well edited and sung that it is one of my favourite songs (apart from the Love Elephant Melody) The cinematography and Mis-En-Scene is so strong in this scene as well to connote the jealously and the darkness of the force of love that it really is powerful

Jolly Holiday – Mary Poppins (1964)

This section of the film to me when I was a kid was magic, i loved it, i was fascinated with the way that they went into this animation land. One of the earliest memories I have is dancing around everywhere to this song doing the same marchy walk they do. Absolutely loved it, such a clever musical sequence and still holds a strong place in my heart today.

Scream – High School Musical 3  (2008)

I am not afraid to say that I actually like this movie (not just because there is a Zac Efron starring) but I found that the third one was a bit more interesting with its musical sections. I got asked by a friend to go and see this in the cinema so i spent the night before watching one and two and thought it was ok but very cheesy. However when i saw number 3, i thought it was a hell of a lot better and really enjoyed it. I like this music section because it was filmed and edited very differently to connote Troy Boltons emotion of confusion.

Walk Like A Man – Heart And Souls  (1993)

Robert Downey Jnr is one of my favourite actors, and this is one of my favourite films. I have grown up watching a lot of his stuff such as Chaplin and even his brief appearance in Ally McBeal. This was one of my childhood films and every time i hear this song it makes me a little bit nostalgic. It’s not a musical, its just a musical moment that happens in part of the film to connote one of the guys happiness he has done something good.

Rockafeller Skank – She’s All That  (1999)

Teen movies when you are around 12 or 13 are fascinating, and it sort of gives you a force creation and imagination as to how growing up will be – with the themes of relationships, education etc Obviously all based around and America and you end up looking at them thinking “Dam, American school is pretty awesome” I love this section of She’s All That, I used to love it when i was younger because of the dance routine and as you grow up you start to think how can one whole school have the time to learn one big dance routine – one can dream! I suppose you need Usher as your DJ!

You Make My Dreams – (500) Days Of Summer (2009)

When i first saw this film I was not expecting a musical number to appear and when it did i remember laughing and smiling at how awesome it was. The whole dance number is celebrating an emotion like all these past films have but this one is about “getting laid”. As soon as I saw this is reminded me of the 40 Year Old Virgin scene. Anyway, I love the fact it was so unexpected, the animated birds and the dancing.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You –  10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Now to another Joseph Gordon-Levitt film, this time focussing on the singing delights of Heath Ledger. This was one of the first teen movies I ever saw and this scene will never be forgotton. It is so cheesy and so awfully sung that it instantly makes it a classic.

Life’s A Happy Song –  The Muppets (2011)

I love that Jason Segal is a massive Muppet fan and i was so happy when I heard that they were going to make a come back all thanks to him. This is the opening song of the film and it was just perfect and made the magic of the Muppets shine, its such a feel good song and resembled everything that they stand for.

Police Dance Song (Cuban Pete) –  The Mask (1994)

If anyone can do a comedy musical piece, its Jim Carrey, and The Mask is a perfect example of what makes him a genius. I love this film and again was one of my childhood favourites and I still love it to this day. The music scenes in this film have a high comedy factor as well as catchy songs.

Here’s To Love –  Down With Love (2003)

I love Ewan McGregors singing voice, so when I watched this a lot later after Moulin Rouge I was so happy that he was singing again. I love this film as the music really compliments the theme of the sixties the whole way through, even with the modern twists on some of the Frank Sinatra songs. I love this musical number because of the settings and the dance routine.

I Want to Be a Producer –  The Producers (2005)

This musical is so politically incorrect but I love it! The musical numbers are really catchy and I really like the dance routines. I haven’t seen the original and should really make it my missions to see it, but I do like this one and feel that the actors are very good at there roles.

What Chance Do I Have With Love –  Call Me Madam (1953)

Donald O’Connor is to me, one of the most inspirational people – not because I have an interest in becoming a dancer but because he went above and beyond with his dance routines and went the further mile that others wouldn’t I love this dance routine where he starts to dance on an xylophone.

Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly deserves to have a section to himself as his dance routines were phenomenal. I also find him a very inspirational person because he can take dancing to the next limit. Here are a few of my favourite dance routines in a few films.

Gene Kelly dancing on Roller Skates

Gene Kelly dancing with a mouse

Gene Kelly dancing with an Umbrella 


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