A Little Thing Called

A Little Thing Called Film – Festive Treats

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is getting ready to eat lots of turkey, go to many work parties and spend time with family – and there is one thing that goes hand in hand with either eating too much, hangovers or family – and that is the Christmas film.

We all have our own personal favourites that we enjoy to watch at this time of year – some great, some well, not so great and to get you in the festive mood here are some festive treats that I really enjoy to watch at this time of year – which i haven’t actually had a chance to watch this year but usually i try to watch at least one of these normally.


I love this Christmas film and it is one of those stories that will get you automatically into the christmas mood because it is just so jolly and festive. Will Ferrell was a perfect pick for the role because even if he over acts it doesn’t matter its just makes it even more better.

Jingle All The Way

Ever since I was a kid, this film has always been one of my favourite christmas films. I have no idea why i think its just because it was always on. The film is ultimate cheese and so unbelievable but hey, thats what makes a great christmas film.


Again ultimate cheese and 100% unbelievable as well as bad acting but I guess because it was a film that was always on at this time of year I ave grown to like it. The story is a tad stringy and its probably one of the worst roles you will ever see John Cusack play but the music in it sort of drives the film as well as the stupid story.

Next Time – Films that Inspire


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