A Little Thing Called

A Little Thing Called Music – A Few Chapters of Me

At the moment, I am currently reading the autobiography / book by comedian Miranda Hart and from reading this has inspired me to write the last part (Yes, sadly the topic of music is coming to an end) about areas of my life in a music autobiographical way writing in similar chapter headings that are in Miranda’s book whilst also adding more topics.

Whilst this is the last article in the musical sense it does not mean it is the last in the series (hurrah!) as of next week this section will be titled: *drum roll please*

A Little Thing Called Film

Until then, lets close this area with a few wrap up sections to bring this topic to a fantastic musical finale.


A lot of my hobbies have always in some funny way, had music linked to them. I have tried many dance classes after work to try and gain a new ‘hobby’ My housemates a few years ago dragged me along to street dancing classes where i felt a bit stupid thrusting my bum in the air like i ‘just don’t care’ and didn’t really feel ‘street’ but more like an idiot.

On various occasions I have tried Zumba as well – I don’t get the fascination with it. I have tried it but just can’t get into it. When I was a kid i did ballet classes (I am talking about 5 years old) I don’t remember much about it apart from dancing around with coloured scarves to the Blue Peter theme tune.

The most recent dance classes I tried was tap dancing, now this i really liked. I am a huge fan of old cinema and being able to learn to tap was great fun but the only problem with tap lessons is that they are always at the most inconvenient times of the day so i would hardly go to it.

Apart from dance classes I go to gigs regularly and taught myself to play the guitar and keyboard. The first songs that I learnt on the guitar (around age 17) was Green Days back catalogue as a lot of their songs have the same chords and similar style so they are easy to pick up.


Due to the Industry that I work in (television) music can sometimes have a great impact on where you work and bring back certain memories.

Before I worked in television i was a university and college and worked part time in cafes  etc. When I was at college I worked in a bakery and whenever i used to work with my friend Patryk, music by Robyn would ALWAYS play and to this day whenever I hear music by her it will take me right back to the moment of working in Reigate and listening to Patryk singing along.

When I was at University i worked part time for 3 years in the cafe at the sea life centre. In this time I met some really interesting people and one of those people made a mix tape for the kitchen that was meant to keep us all in a good mood. When the song ‘I feel Happy came on, whenever anyone had to walk through the kitchen they would always do a silly dance.

In 2013, I was a freelancer and worked at SYCO (Simon Cowells production company) when I was there it was around the release of the One Directions film so the song ‘Best Song Ever’ was played on constant repeat in the office for pretty much 8 hours a day. When I heard it I didnt realise it was 1D as it was the first time I had heard it. I usually have a smile on my face if i hear it as it is linked to some good memories.


For me friendship and music go hand in hand – some of your greatest moments with friends always seem to happen around music or some music relate to specific events. I have many songs that when I hear them take me back to university nights out as they were always on and they sort of were the main songs that we all used to go crazy at when it came on.

One of the songs that had a major impact on my first year of university was Basshunter’s Now Your Gone – my housemate and I used to turn it up before a night out and dance like looneys to get us in the mood for the night out.

There are also songs that relate to friends because you make a joke about it that ends up becoming a personal joke all the time you hear it. A great example of this is that one of my close friends told me once that she like a Jedward song and since then its sort of a joke between us that we end up sharing random news about them etc.

One of my favourite memories dates back to the summer of 2011 myself and my friends call Evie, Nick, Matt and Joe were sitting in one of our living rooms with Nick playing acoustic guitar all singing Hey Jude – the moment was recorded on camera and everytime i see it, it makes me smile and go right back to that exact moment.

Yes music is a fantastic way to link friendship – karaoke, concerts, singalongs its all great and creates a strong link to memories that will last forever.

So thats the end of this chapter but never fear the film chapter will be starting next week!

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