I’m In The Band – Ryan Gosling

The actor that is famously known for making us all fall in love in The Notebook, make us all want to watch more action films with Drive, laugh in Crazy Stupid Love and outsmart a mob boss in Gangster Squad, yes Ryan Gosling can get that little bit more perfect as he also has a music career as well and is part of the band Dead Man’s Bones.

maxresdefault (2)

Dead Man’s Bones

The music career all came together in 2007 when Ryan recorded a solo song called Put Me In The Car which is available to download online. In the same year he decided with his friend Zach Shields that they should form an Indie band and that band was to be called Dead Man’s Bones.

The debut album which was released in 2009, was named Dead Man’s Bones as well, was filmed with Silverlakes Conservatory’s Children’s Choir and the guys also learnt to play all the instruments that they needed. For the album, Gosling played piano, guitar, bass and cello as well as singing.

In 2009, the guys performed 3 nights at the LA’s Bob Baker Marionette Theater with neon dancing skeleton and ghosts around them. They also did a 13 date tour of the USA using the same childrens choir throughout. Instead of a support act for the tour, they decided to open the shows with a talent show each night. It has been rumoured that the band will be releasing a second album at some point – when that will be is still unannounced. So here are some songs that you need to listen to by the band:

Lose Your Soul 


Pa Pa Power 


Buried In Water 


My Body’s a Zombie For You 

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