Comedian King of the Gamers….

Bored of the same old style of reviews when it comes to seeing if a computer game is worth buying for your console? Want someone to give you a completely different outlook to the game that you are potentially thinking of buying? Then the Conan O’Brien series of Clueless Gamer is the youtube videos you need to be watching.

Clueless gamer started as a feature on the chat show Conan a while ago and started because he does not play computer games – so what a better person to ask an opinion about then, wait for it, an actual clueless gamer. In the past, Conan with his sidekick Aaron Blayaert (who is a self-confessed gaming nerd) have gone through many computer games including Tomb Raider, Kinect Star Wars, Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V and most recently this week, Fallout 4.

At first the segment was just a trial run to see how it went and due to its popularity it has expanded so much so that the game companies have given Conan the game to test before anyone else. When playing the game and trying to get the gist of it he will comment on some of the most craziest things that most hardcore gamers will not mention such as – how well his character looks, why a character in the game will not look at his characters unique butt (watch the Fallout 4 video below) how can he kills his character in the craziest way and above all trying to find which games he can have his character do crazy things of sleep with the virtual women.

The reviews happen  regularly and can always watched on Conan’s Youtube page. I would really recommend watching these if you want to see a review that really is completely zany and alternative.

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