The Music Guide – Busted

This week it was announced that after an 11 year break, the boyband Busted were reunited with Charlie Simpson and are set to release new music and tour around the UK in 2016. The band split in 2004 after Charlie Simpson decided to quit the band as he wasn’t happy being a part of it anymore. When they broke up the  band had only released 2 studio albums to the disappointment to the fans. They were the first band ever to appear on a front of a magazine without ever releasing a single – Smash Hits in 2002 made them the cover appearance with the words ‘Meet Busted: They’re Going to Be Bigger than Rik Waller!’

Back in the day they were 3

Back in the day they were 3

When the band broke up, each of the members went onto different projects – Charlie formed his band Fightstar, James Bourne formed a band called Son of Dork and also continued to write songs for artists such as Melanie C, McFly, Jonas Brothers and JC Chasez, and Matt went onto release a solo album, win I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. In 2013, Matt and James became the extra additions to their friends band, McFly (who was the support act for Busteds tour AND Tom was the fourth member of Busted before they dropped him) and became the super group McBusted and went on to release an album and go on a tour under that name.

So to get you in the mood for Busteds return, here are some of their songs to get you in the mood:

Whose David


Year 3000

Sleeping With the Lights On

Crashed the Wedding

Air Hostess

What I Go To School For

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