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A Little Thing Called Music – Music Emotions

When i wrote my last article in this series, i ended it saying that the next topic is going to be about Music Emotions and realised that I have covered this area quite a lot in recent blogs. I went away trying to come up with a new way to focus it and then the other night when i was out at a social gathering I noticed that there is an angle i haven’t covered yet. I was talking to someone about stress and how we deal with it and I ended up admitting that one of the ways I do is by having a stupid 5 minutes with headphones on dancing as crazy as I can. Now, i obviously don’t do this in the office or in the middle of the street i tend to do it when i am on my own at home but i find it can really help. So this article is going to look at certain songs that i use to overcome certain emotions – now because I listen to music a hell of a lot there are a lot of songs but I am going to narrow it down to just one for each emotion.

Happy: 5 Seconds of Summer – Hey Everybody!

This is a new addition to my songs that make me happy – i heard this on the radio and its catchy song and music made me instantly like it and now whenever i hear it, this instantly makes me feel happy as the guitar riffs and the chorus are very addictive.

Sad: Moby – Porcelien

i don’t go out of my way to listen to Moby, instead i don’t ever listen to him the only time i have listened to him if i have had to deal with a sad situation. Luckily for me this has only happened a very few rare times so its a shame for Moby as i don’t listen but great for me as it means that i very rarely have to encounter very sad moments in life.

When need a confident Boost – Blink 182: Ghost on the Dancefloor 

Sometimes you need a song that gives you a bit of a boost when you are about to something nerve wracking or a bit different and this is one of those songs i will listen to – Blink 182 always seem to make me feel better (well, i SAY Blink in all fairness i mean Tom so it could of been an AVA track to be fair)

When feeling homesick / going travelling: Olly Murs – Seasons

To be fair any of Olly’s songs could of gone in here as whenever i go on an adventure of feel homesick I instantly turn to Olly – which is quite funny considering that I am not from Essex but find his music soothing. When I went to Slovenia earlier this year I listened to him on repeat for 9 hours! I didn’t realise this at first i only realised when I looked at the time in the airport waiting for my friend.  

Sleepy: Blue – Walk Away

I find a lot of Blue’s music is very good to fall asleep to if i cannot sleep – i think this is because when i was an early teen i used to listen to their albums in my personal CD player on repeat when i went to sleep so i think their music has just stuck with me. I like this song a lot to fall asleep to as because of the different areas of the song, it means that it feels like different stages to fall asleep to.

Next Week – Dream Duets

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