A-HA! Alan Partridge is returning to Television in 2016

It has been announced in the last few days that Alan Partridge is returning to our screens in the beginning of next year. The television show Mid Morning Matters is returning to Sky Atlantic on the 8th February next year. The second series of the show has been written by Steve Coogan along with Neil and Rob Gibbons.

The first series of the show was aired in 2012 and was welcomed with open arms as the much loved character had been well and truly missed. So much so that in 2013 there was also a feature length film called Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa that was also released which did very well at the box office.

To celebrate the return of Partridge here are some  of our favourite Alan-tastic moments from the past.

Sacking Glen Ponder

“You’re sacked. You are sacked. I’m sacking you. In fact, it’s happened – it’s over. You are a sacked man. You’ve been sacked. You are the subject of a sacking. I want you off these premises in 10 minutes. Knowing me Alan Partridge, *sacking* you Glen Ponder. A-ha!”  

fire glen

In this episode of Knowing Me, Knowing You, Alan finds out that the composer of his show has invited everyone out including the guests and security guards for a fun night out apart from Alan and didn’t even leave a message to join them.

Zombie Alan

“It’s a flex off a mini-kettle. It’s supposed to be a tail.”

zombuie alan

When Alan gets bored of the Linton Travel Tavern being under refurbishment he decides to dress up as a zombie in I’m Alan Partridge. He uses ketchup, tungsten-tipped screws, biscuits and a shower curtain.

Lapdancing Alan

 “Would you like me to lapdance for you?”

dancing alan

Alan starts to have random erotic daydreams of lapdancing and one of them is performing erotic dancing on BBC Chief Tony Hayers whislt wearing a thong.



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