8 Reasons why we want Pilkington in the Jungle

Rumours are flying left right and centre that Karl Pilkington may be entering this years I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Here at The Phoenix Remix we would love this to be true as we are huge fans of him and here are eight reasons why we think he will be a great contestant and the winner if he went in.

1) He has an interesting outlook on life that will confuse, anger or make the other contestants laugh

If you have watched of listened to any of the shows that Karl has been a part of you will realise that Karl has some interesting outlooks and opinions on life that will anger people if they don’t understand him but the majority of the time it will make people laugh. In the past he has had some interesting opinions such as  a tie that has a pocket (The Ricky Gervais Show), Pillow Pants (Idiot Abroad) plus everyones favourite the idea that when you get old a baby pops out of you (The Ricky Gervais Show).

2) He will become friends with the wildlife probably more then with the contestants

In the past, Karl has gone on about his love for nature whether its fascination that a bug is eating a bit of hobknob or trying to stop a fight of two bugs, Karl loves his bugs he has even written a diary about bugs and what he has seen them doing – so he will be the one in the jungle probably talking to the bugs more then the contestants as they will probably be ‘doin’ his head in’.

3) He is Bullshit Man

In previous podcasts of The Ricky Gervais show, Ricky Gervais and Stephan Merchant asked Karl what super power would he have and he said bullshit man where when he heard someone talking rubbish he would point it out. SInce there is loads of celebrities in a small area this could come out

4) He will not act up to the cameras and just be himself

Karl is never one to really enjoy publicity and this became apparent when he was advertising his show Moaning of Life. This means that in the jungle he will ignore the fact there are cameras there and not talk or act up to them like some people do.

5) He will dance when he is bored

If you have watched any of the Idiot Abroad episodes or the Moaning Of Life you will know that Karl loves to dance and he does it a lot to keep himself entertained when there is not a lot to do.

6) He will moan

There is one thing that Karl loves to do and that is MOAN hence the reason Ricky decided to send him round the world and also the reason why the show is called Moaning Of Life. Karl has admitted that he loves to moan and this will be great television in the jungle.

7) He has been Ricky Gervais Puppet – surely he can handle anything?

He has been sent round the world by Ricky and Steve and has faced some awful situations as they ‘stitched him right up’ so he has faced some scenarios that a lot of the contestants haven’t even imagined being in so it could mean that Karl leads the way in trying all the challenges head on. Also, Ricky will be backing him and getting him more voters.

8) The world will find out even more about Suzanne

Suzanne, Karl’s long term girlfriend always takes the brunt of Karl especially when he is on television, he always goes on about her in not the nicest fashion on television shows – i don’t think he does it deliberately but he always like to moan about something or say something that may offend the other contestants.

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  1. Anything Karl Pilkington is affiliated with turns to gold because he’s such an interesting, bizarre, likable character. I’ve been a big fan of his point of view for years. I was really disappointed when he backed out of ‘Derek’ season 2, but I read that it was due to him experiencing high levels of anxiety during filming. It’d be great to see him in new precarious situations but unfortunately without Ricky Gervais pushing him into the limelight, Karl would be very reluctant to do it.


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