James Acaster, Mock the Week regular panelist, award winning comedian, king of being cabbaged (refer to blog post about Josh Widdicombe’s ex – XFM podcast here) is known for his wit and his unique style of humour but before all of this happened, his childhood did and he grew up in a place called Kettering.


(Taken from Wikipedia to explain where it is and information you may want to know!!) Kettering is a town in Northamptonshire, England. It is situated about 81 miles (130 km) from London. Kettering is mainly situated on the west side of the River Ise, a tributary of the River Nene which meets atWellingborough. Originally named Cytringan, Kyteringas and Keteiringan in the 10th century, the name Kettering is now taken to mean ‘the place (or territory) of Ketter’s people (or kinsfolk)’.

The reason why this is so important to know is because James did a comedy documentary on Youtube about him returning to the town that he left behind a long time ago to see how much is has changed and if anyone actually knows who James Acaster is called Sweet Home Ketteringa. The aim of the episodes is to see what happens when he returns and visits his much loved home town and goes back to the attractions and locations that meant so much to him a long time ago. The 7 minute episodes are in James style of comedy and have perfect comedy timing with a lot of duck references.

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Now this may sound a very random comedy documentary but it has received a whopping 50,000 views on Youtube and it is very funny. With a whole array of people from his home town who just do not know who the comedian is it is with great viewing. Now you are probably asking yourself – why does Acaster need me and why am i reading this? Well, the crew and Acaster want to jet off to Lahnstein in Germany the twin town to Kettering to make MORE episodes and also maybe just MAYBE find someone who has heard of James Acaster.

To find out more watch the video below

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