Ones to watch – Nathan Sykes 

whilst his ex-band mate is prancing around impressing judges on Strictly, the youngest member of the broken up boyband The Wanted, Nathan Sykes is returning to the music scene as a solo artist and seems to be setting up a storm with 2 singles already released and being the support to Little Mixs your next year, it looks like things are about the get big for the 22 year old.

Nathan rose to fame whilst being one of the main singers in The Wanted, whilst the band shared lyrics and all sung, Nathan was one of the guys that tended to sing just a little bit more. The band broke up in 2014 as they wanted to go on and explore different independent projects. In July 2015, Nathan released his debut single, Kiss Me Quick which went into the charts at number 14 in the UK single chart. Last week he released his second single, Over and Over again that is set for big things. With his soulful strong voice and catchy songs, it looks like things are only going to keep getting better for the Wanted guy.

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