Comedian of the Week – Larry Dean 

Welcome to a new feature to the Phoenix Remix. Whilst we love telling you about podcasts you must listen to each week, we felt it was time to mix it up and focus on something else in the world of comedy and that is the comedians themselves! There are so many great ones out there and some are not getting the notice they deserve or some you haven’t even heard of or may know and not know their name to put to a face to that you may of already laughed at them already!

So, let’s get this kicked off with a comedian that I only saw for the first time last night that I found hilarious: Larry Dean.

If you like comedians who laugh at themselves, makes you feel welcome, has very expressive eye, you want the unexpected or just like a really good dinosaur impressionist, then this is the comedian for you.

In 2013, Larry won Scottish comedian of the year at the age of 23 and was a nominee as best newcomer at this years Edinburgh fringe and it’s not hard to see why.

Larry was the headliner at the comedy store show I attended in Durham last night and when he approached the stage I wasn’t sure what to expect and he totally deserved the headline spot. With his broad Glaswegian accent you are instantly drawn into his jokes and when he shows you his perfect London accent you will be hypnotised and want to hear more even when he is explaining about being a “stealth homosexual.”

Larry has been support act for many top acts including Eddie Izzard and it’s not hard to see why. He is very good at engaging with the audience and making you feel highly entertained.  If you want to see him live, there are many locations that he is playing the next few months including London, Leeds, Great Yarmouth, Glasgow, Bournemouth, Oxford, Leicester and Manchester plus many more.

To find out exact tour dates visit

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