Marianas Trench – Astoria – Album Review

Today, Marianas Trench released their brand new album Astoria, the follow up to their last, Ever After. I wouldn’t explain this album as just another music album, no i would describe it as a cinematic experience. If you are a fan of Marianas Trench and have listened to their previous albums you will know that their last album followed a story and felt like you were listening to some sort of theatre musical when you did. This album does the same thing but takes that experience to a whole new level.



The album cover looks like something from Indianna Jones and that an adventure is in tow and that is pretty much the way to explain this 17 track album. Now with most albums if there was a complete variation of genres on it from the same band you would question why and think of it as a bad decision, however, with Marianas Trench this is never a negative thing, this is one thing that makes this band unique and stand out in their own league. The little interludes throughout sets you up for the next genre and it doesn’t matter if they do not match it just works and it shouldn’t but it really and truly does.

The reason that this album reminds me more of a cinematic experience rather then a theatre experience is because the musical interludes this time round are so much more powerful and you can tell a lot of thought and consideration has gone into them My favourite one of all the interludes is Hollywood Renaissance, it is all string and truly a beautiful peace of music that it is good enough to of been in a score of a film for a romantic section in either a black and white film or a big action hero film like Thor and the band should really be praised for this and it questions the fact why they are not putting themselves forward to score films,

Another thing that I really like about this album is, between this album and Ever After, the band released songs such as Pop 101 and Heres to the Zeros and they have not been added to the album. The reason i admire this is that these days with the use of the internet, bands tend to release a lot of their songs before the album is even released and the fact that they haven’t added these makes them again, unique as the audience is buying an album with a whole new bunch of songs.

Songs to look out for on the album:

This Means War – Has a catchy xylophone backing and will instantly get stuck in your head.

Deeply Departed – The use of the ukele really brings this song to life and is a great transition from the interlude before.

Wildfire – The most recent song they released off the album before the album release, really interesting and a great tune.

End Of An Era – It wouldn’t be Marianas Trench album without a dramatic ending song.

The last song on the album, End of an Era had some similar melodies to the Ever After song and makes you question whether this album is meant to be the continuation of the story of Ever After or on a metaphorical note an emphasis on the feelings for the girl in the story of Ever After.

IT is one of the most interesting and exciting albums I have listened to in a long while and recccomend you give it a try.

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