It was announced today that the BBC is considering reviving the classic sitcom called Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Them. The news broke when star of the show, Michele Dotrice let it slip in an Interview with the Sunday Mirror that she has been in talks with the BBC.

Will Frank Spencer return?
Will Frank Spencer return?

Now, if you have not heard of this comedy then let me introduce to an amazing sitcom where the lead, Michael Crawford did all of his crazy stunts and became a household name throughout the UK. (Younger readers, may recognise Michaels voice before they know the name as his songs from the film Hello Dolly! appear throughout the Pixar film, Wall-E).

Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Them Run between the years of 1973 to 1978 and played on constant repeat throughout the years on BBC 2 (thats how i used to watch them as I wasn’t even born when it was first released!) It had 3 seasons and was highly popular in the UK.

The show follows an accident prone Frank Spencer and his wife Betty who has to deal with this calamities. The main plot of the show is watching Frank trying to hold down a new job as he doesn’t have much luck a lot of the time. The reason it was so popular was because Michael Crawford performed all his own stunts even when they were extreme or crazy.

Whether or not the sitcom comes back even for a one off special, the question on everyones lips will be if it will be as extreme in stunts as the the original show as Michael Crawford is now in his 70’s.