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There’s a new(ish) kid on the block, well when I say that kid, I actually mean a comedian, a comedian that has been a podcaster for years but is now out on his own and not part of a duo. that person is Adam Buxton. After one ONE episode, it has taken the Apple Podcast chart of comedy by storm already taking the number one spot on the chart.

Top of the charts

Top of the charts

The Adam Buxton Podcast debuted on the 13th September and has all the elements of a great podcast in the making and it is evident that already on its first episode it is hopefully going to go from strength to strength. With its own musical jingles for each section which are automatically addictive making you listen out for the next one in excitement.

The first episode titled ‘The Holiday Buffet’ which has an unusual first guest that I wouldn’t expect on a debut show, let alone a comedy one and that is what I think makes this debut so special.

Before we go into the guest, lets just take a minute to discuss the opening. The introduction to the episode is Adam standing in a field with his laptop, walking the dog. The format of the show is Adam having a conversation with each guest which he has recorded over the past year and the first guest is none other then Louis Theroux.

Louis Theroux is the first guest

Louis Theroux is the first guest

One of the UKs best documentary film makers, everyone is used to seeing him in tough situations and meeting some of the most dangerous or most unique people predominantly across the USA. Adam states that they are friends but hearing Louis in a more relaxed environment is very unusual and actually quite interesting to hear.

You would never hear Louis talk about anything in the public eye that wasn’t relevant to a show he is making. Yet in this podcast they have a discussion about the hotel buffet and the right and wrongs. It is quite enjoyable to hear such a silly conversation and ends up being quite comical to hear and has a interesting outcome.

The last section of the podcast introduces Adam’s dad, titled ‘Bad Dad’ and his opinions on the matters that were discussed with Louis. Anyone that is familiar with the Adam and Joe show will know Adams Dad as he was a regular guest. It is a refreshing way to end the podcast on a different out look on the original topic.

I would really recommend listening to this podcast it may still be very early days but the fact that its already hit the top spot and its only debuted, it definitely has a lot of potential to keep its crown.

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