Welcome to the new BBC Comedy Feeds 2015

It was announced this week that six brand new comedy feeds have been added to BBC IPlayer. Each year, BBC Three releases 6 pilots to see what shows succeed and what should lead into a show becoming commissioned. The scheme has lead to some great shows being scheduled into the BBCs timetable including Impractical Jokers, Nick Helms Heavy Entertainment and the newest edition, Josh, which will be on air at some point this year (pictured above).

Here are the six Comedy feeds added to this years list:

Sunny D – Dane is 29, ambitious, frustrated and very funny

People Time – New sketch show by seven writer – performers, all playing a colorful cast of characters

Radges – Sitcom pilot set in a Scottish pupil referral unit for out of control kids.

Funz and Gamez – A unique new entertainment show, where the laughs are more important then the prizes

Fishbowel – Hattie returns home after a disastrous first term at university

Dead Air – Greg james stars as a late-night DJ who gets a chance to inherit the breakfast slot

If you want to find out more about these shows click here

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