The Empire Strikes Back?

First Red Dwarf, now Brittas Empire is set to possibly return to our screens later in the year. Chris Barrie fans are in for a treat as the Hologram (as most Dwarf fans will know him for) is rumoured to returning to the BBC.

Chris Barrie in its peak

Chris Barrie in its peak

After an 18 year break, the sitcom based in a leisure centre and focussed on some highly comedic characters is apparently going to make a celebratory return to our TV screens! It was revealed at a comic convention that a new script definitely does exist!


According to Chris Barrie himself, one of the original writers is working on the script for new episodes. According to sources, Barrie has been eager to work on another set of episodes for some time of the long running show. The original series ran for a staggering 7 seasons and ended sadly in 1997. At its peak, the show was attracting an audience of 10 million viewers.

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