From Busted Reject to a Social Media King

Over a decade ago in an entirely different type of music industry a guy with blond hair, a guitar and a slightly tubby physique was the fourth member of a little band called Busted. Eventually being told that they do not want him to be in the band…however now, in the years of the teenies (that’s what they are calling the next part of the noughties right? ) his life has dramatically changed, no not just his physical look, but is ironically in a band that has merged with what is left of the Busted trio. If you haven’t guessed it already, I am talking about Tom Fletcher a quarter of the poppy rocky band, McFly.

One of Toms many images he posts on social media

One of Toms many images he posts on social media

Not only is he in one of the United Kingdoms biggest bands, he has also become a king of the social media world as he has touched the hearts of many with his lovable videos showing the progress of his relationship with his wife and his new born son. He dominates Twitter, Instagram and most preeminently Youtube with an inside look at his personal life with many of these  videos going viral. So lets take a minute here to remind ourselves of some of these videos that have touched the hearts of many.

The Wedding Speech Song – (over 15 million views on Youtube)

The Baby Bump song – (Over 11 million views on Youtube)

The Dandelions and Son Video – (Over 7 million views on Youtube)


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