The Music Guide – New Politics 

With the introduction of streaming services, social media and YouTube there has been a dramatic surge in new bands, music etc and if a song doesn’t go viral it can mean some bands and acts can go unheard of or not written about enough.

In this new feature, The Music Guide, we will feature a different artist each time. Whether you have heard of them, know a few of their songs or nothing at all – it’s still great to be introduced or reminded about the music that is out there! This time we will look at the music of –  New Politics.

New Politics

New Politics

Signed to Pete Wentz’ from Fall Out Boys label (DCD2 Records) and Warner Brothers, this band have been going from strength to strength since forming in 2009.

Originally from Denmark, David Boyd (lead vocals,guitar), Soreb Hansen (Bass, keyboards, guitar, vocals) and Louis Vecchis (Drums, percussion, vocals) have had a lot of success in the U.S. And globally due to tours with Fall Out Boy, Pink and Panic! At The Disco.

Their third album is set to be released August 14th and will be called Vikings. So, let’s have a look at some key music from these guys catalogue to get you ready for the release.

Yeah Yeah Yeah


Tonight Your Perfect

Everywhere I go (Kings and Queens)

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