10 reasons why you would want your own Minion 

Happy Yellow Day! No, that is not a ‘thing’ but today the little yellow tic tacs, the minions, return to our cinemas! So to celebrate the return of Kevin, Bob, Stuart and the gang, here is reasons why you wish you had your own minions

1) They are always happy 

If you have had a rubbish day at work or just want cheering up then what’s better then a little yellow goggled eye person to make you happy with their optimism and mood to party! The little things always make them laugh too!

2) They are cheap to feed 

What’s better then looking after someone whose main source of food is cheap to buy! Buy them bananas and apples and they will always be happy and also you will always get your five a day…. if they havent eaten them all before you get to them!

3) They love to dance 

Whenever there is music or time to dance, these minions will boogie the night away, and hey who doesn’t love a dance partner

4) They are trained fire wardens 

The good thing about Minions is that they are always ready for a fire and will make sure you will be alerted fast and well!

5) They are clean and tidy 

The one thing that you want from a house mate is to be clean and tidy and these guys will always make sure that your house is sparkly and squeaky clean

Comes with a uniform too

Comes with a uniform too

6) They are not afraid to try something new 

Want to try a new activity you have never tried before? Want to test a new experiment on them, never fear these guys will always be happy to help

7)They love to sing and perform as your favourite musicians (even if they change lyrics to underwear…)

Want to have your own personal concert at any time of the day, never fear these guys will always be ready to perform

8) They are loyal 

You never have to worry about whether these guys will go astray and leave you. They are really loyal and will never betray you


9) They love being hugged 

What ever time of the day, these guys will always want to have a hug as they love to be shown affection

10) They will go to extreme lengths to make sure your happy

And the best thing about a minion is they will always go to extreme lengths to make sure that you are always happy

Minions is out today in cinemas around the UK 


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