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Guest Blogger of the Fortnight – The Aloe Adventure

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This fortnight, our guest blogger is Jody, who is here to tell you all about an exciting product that will get you healthy this summer! 

The Aloe Adventure – Clean 9

Written by Jody Rolph

Clean 9 - What's it all about?

Clean 9 – What’s it all about?

You might be thinking, what’s all this fuss about a Clean 9? Or, why is everyone talking about this cleansing programme? Or, you haven’t even heard of the Clean 9 programme at all in which case you’re in exactly the right place to hear all about it!

I started my business with Forever just over two months ago and I’ve loved every minute of it! I still can’t believe what an amazing opportunity I’ve been given, and I’m so excited about my future in the business! If you’d like to know a bit more about how you can earn an extra income working flexibly around all your current commitments just email me on or tweet me at @TheAloeAdventur I’d love to chat with you!

So when I started my business my husband and I decided to do the Clean 9 programme so that we could see the benefits first hand and be able to share with others this amazing product. So what is it?! The Clean 9 is a nine day cleansing programme designed to kick-start you’re healthy lifestyle and get you back on track to that healthy, fit you! It’s also followed by two 30 day programmes called F.I.T.1 & F.I.T.2. We found the 9 day cleanse is an incredible way to do just as it says on the box! Kick-start our healthy lifestyle and get us back on track.

My husband Sacha and I felt so great after the Clean 9 programme

My husband Sacha and I felt so great after the Clean 9 programme

I personally got back down to my goal weight which I was extremely pleased with and was able to fit back into my old jeans! I was over the moon, but loosing weight is just an added bonus, a side effect to cleansing the body! The cleanse is designed to give your digestive system a break from all the rubbish we put into it day to day, it cleanses the body by drinking their best selling product, the aloe vera drinking gel and by taking supplements, eating your free foods such as fruit, salad and vegetables and you’ve also got your protein shakes to keep you going!

You also include a 30 minute workout each day to encourage those stored fats to burn off and get the most out of your 9 day cleanse. I also noticed a huge improvement in my energy levels, my skin, nails and even my hair as well! Both my husband and I didn’t feel hungry throughout the nine days as the shakes are super filling and you can nibble on your free foods as much as you like throughout each day!

On days 3-9 you can have a 600 calorie meal each day, they provide amazing recipes in the kit so you don’t even have to sit down and calculate all the calories! It’s all there for you. I would absolutely 100% recommend doing the Clean 9, especially if you’re feeling you’ve gone slightly off track with your healthy eating and lifestyle, it really does change the way you think about food and exercise.

I’m really not one for exercise, I find it so hard to motivate myself and go for that run or cycle but after completing the Clean 9 programme it’s really helped with the way I think, and all that rubbish food we get tempted by all too easily just doesn’t interest me anymore! It’s been almost a month since completing the programme and I haven’t put the weight back on, as you’re having all the nutrients your body needs in a day, you don’t go into ‘diet mode’ as such and your body doesn’t think anything different is happening, therefore the weight stays off and you can carry onto the F.I.T. 1 programme to really excel in your fitness and live that amazing healthy lifestyle!

Get in contact! Always happy to answer your questions!

Get in contact! Always happy to answer your questions!

If you have any questions about the Clean 9 programme or the F.I.T1 & F.I.T.2 programmes please don’t hesitate to call me or drop me an email – I’m also on Facebook as ‘The Aloe Adventure’ I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions or order your C9 for you if you’d like to give it a go yourself and see incredible results after just 9 days!


With every Clean 9 you’ll receive a free Forever shot glass for the aloe drink and 15% off the F.I.T.1 programme

Just Quote PHOENIX15 on your purchase email to Jody. Offer ends 10th July 2015

For more information on Clean 9 programme, contact Jody @TheAloeAdventur or on facebook here 

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