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New Creative Doors

We’ll start our chat about the lessons we learnt with guest teachers by going back a whole year! Last January, Lydia Hensler and Zeke Nicholson, from UCB NYC and LA, came to London to teach some workshops. I was doing improv for a year, not always super confident […]

Guest Teachers

Yes, you read right! Guest teachers, plural! Keith Horvath has taught improv and sketch at Columbia College Chicago and is one of about 70 worldwide alumni of The Second City Directing program, and a former Class Administrator and director at The Annoyance. He’s coming to London to teach […]

Classes & Shows with C3?

Our Tuesday skill-focused drop-in will be taught by Carleen Macdermid. “You Only Think Twice” The beauty of improv is that the worst, un-funny scenes you do cease to exist the second they’re over. The tragedy of improv is your best scenes go the same way. This week we […]