Category: Film

Buzzfeed The Movie?

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon recently and creating films on various formats of websites, but it looks like a new website none ever imagined would go down that route is about to jump on the film content making market. The social website Buzzfeed that is known for […]

Welcome to Remake Season

Welcome to the month where we will be discussing all things remakes, everything from television to film, television and music! Recently in the media there has been a huge saturation of everything being remade whether its making a film into a television series, bringing back old comedies and […]

The Month Of the Geek – part 1

Back at the end of August an IG friend of mine, @thegeekofsteel, challenged me to try out Geeky September; a daily photo challenge centred around general geekyness, with each day having a particular focus. Of course, being the giant nerd that I am, I jumped at the chance […]

Jarvis Sensei’s Nerdtopia

Welcome to a brand new feature to the Phoenix Remix called Jarvis Sensei’s Nerdtopia. Remember a while ago we interviewed Sadie about her YouTube Channel and all things nerdy – well she has stepped on board and is going to write articles about all things Nerdtopia – so […]