Sunday Book Club: Some Like It Hot: Me, Marilyn and the Movie, Tony Curtis

Every Sunday we are taking a look at the world of books. I read a lot and always want to share my opinions on what I read, so I thought it would be fun to write reviews. Today we are looking at the book about a classic film.

Some Like It Hot: Me, Marilyn and the Movie (2009)

Tony Curtis


 In early 1958 legendary director Billy Wilder offered Tony Curtis the chance to star in a new picture. The movie was to be called Some Like It Hot; it went on to become one of the best-loved films of all time. Now, fifty years on from its first release, this is the true story of what really went on behind-the-scenes during the making of the funniest movie of all time, told by one of its leading ‘ladies.’

For the first time, Tony Curtis shares the many as-yet-untold secrets from the set in his own inimitable voice. He speaks frankly about his working relationship with Jack Lemmon and Billy Wilder, as well as his romance with Marilyn Monroe. Here too is the truth behind Monroe’s erratic behaviour, which almost scuppered the production. Featuring many rarely seen photographs from his private collection and numerous personal anecdotes, this is an insider’s account of the making of a Hollywood classic.

– from Waterstones

Positive Points

If you are a fan of Old Hollywood then this book will be something that you will enjoy to an extent as it goes into the in depth process of making and creating the iconic comedy film of Some Like It Hot. This book starts at the pre-production stages and travels all the way through to the press and public reaction to the film whilst also exploring the adventures on set. The book is told by Tony Curtis, one of the lead actors in the film and how he saw all the evens play out whilst also discussing his personal experiences as well.

Negative Points

Whilst this film stars Marilyn Monroe and she was a big part of the production, the one thing I do not like that at times the book starts to lack focus on the actual production and instead becomes more of a book about her. I did not like the way it sort of became a sort of ‘tell all’ book about her and that he goes into depth about sleeping with her, her own personal problems and much more and at times it is not needed and feels uncalled for.

Overall Review

I would say that this is a book of two halves – it is firstly an in depth description about the production process of a film that had a huge history in the genre of ‘comedy’ and when you read how ahead of it’s time that it actually was, it is a truly fascinating read. I will say though, the one thing that I did not like is the other ‘half’ of the book when it delves into the world of Marilyn Monroe and it starts to feel a little bit like a ‘tell all’ and making money out of her.

Rating : *** 3 Stars

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