Welcome to Lisa Lynn Month!

Welcome to the month of May and there is so much for you to look forward to on The Phoenix Remix! Firstly, we are excited to announce that we have some interviews with acts that are heading to Brighton Fringe – there will be a few interviews scattered over the month to promote what they have in store.

Also, you may of realised we have also started a new feature fortnightly on Sunday’s about Podcasts! There are so many great episodes out there that I felt that I needed to start talking about them! Click here to read all about the episode that started it all and inspired me to write.

Finally, this month we have a very special interview that you can read along to every Wednesday morning with non other then Lisa Lynn. An actress and improviser of many talents who is also a teacher as well and is part of many teams including Acaprov, Hell Yeah! The Show, The Southend 48 Hour Annual Improvathon, Not GCSE Drama, SHUFFLE and MusicBox. This month we sit down with Lisa to discuss everything from performing, travelling and the shows that she is a part of.

There is a lot happening this month so keep reading!

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