Brighton Fringe 2023

Brighton Fringe – INTERVIEW – Acaprov : The Improvised A Capella Musical

This month I will be talking to different acts that are taking part in the Brighton Fringe Festival. Today I find out about the show Acaprov are taking to the festival.

Location: Laughing Horse @ The Walrus (Basement room)
 6th – 8th May
Time: 16:00
Ticket Price: 
£10 Concessions £8

Hello! Tell us about your act ? 

Hi Holly! We’re an improvised a cappella musical…imagine a new kind of musical: beatboxers, rappers, actors, singers, dancers and  body percussionists coming together completely a cappella to improvise a fresh, heart-warming show, that you’ll never forget!

How did you come up with the name of your show that you are taking to the Brighton fringe?

Acapella + Improv = Acaprov

Tell us a little bit about your style of show?

It is a 60 Minute Musical that happens to be improvised a cappella. Expect singing, acting, improv, beatboxing, body-percussion, rap, and anything that resembles dance!

Our show is what is know in improv as a long form narrative – it is one complete story (beginning, middle, end). It is also a musical complete with solo’s, duets, group songs and an opening and closing number. It is often funny (mainly because we are making it up on the spot), but it is not necessarily a comedy – it is a story where the relationships and characters journey are more important than the jokes. It’s an occasionally naughty, often queer, usually very wholesome show with a cast that are bursting with talent.

What can people expect from your Brighton Fringe performance?

Beautiful harmonies, epic raps, moving scenes, emotional ballads and clap along group numbers you’ll be singing all the way home!

What other acts are you looking forward to seeing at the fringe?

Singh-ing in the rain by Mandeep Singh

IMDP: Improvised Movie Podcast (starring many Acaprov Alumni)

Notflix (starring incredible AcaGrad and regular guest Lauren Ingram)

How are the rehearsals going?

Lush! We’re excited to bring some new things this year – watch this space!

Have you done the fringe before? What have been some of your favourite shows to date and why?

Yes we sold out our first Brighton Fringe in 2018 and have returned every year possible since. Our fave shows have to be:

Sleepy Village 2018 (The closing number had an ‘okeykokey’ style dance to it made up by Scott MacDonald)

Rollercoaster of love 2022 (A beautiful rollercoaster story by Logan and Cha)

Baaaaa the musical! Set in a pub in Wales 2019 (Just 4 cast members in a late night extra show that was completely bananas!)

What advice would you give to others who want to perform at Brighton Fringe next year?

1.Get an Airbnb all together – it makes it feel like a fun school trip!

2.BOOK EVERYTHING WAY IN ADVANCE  – it makes things much cheaper.

3.GO FOR IT – no time like the present!

What is the best thing about performing at the Brighton fringe?

The audience. Everyone is Brighton is so lovely and it’s close enough that our London fans come and join us there too – we feel very welcomed and loved.

What are your three favourite things about Brighton?

The people – so friendly.

The sea – so calming.

The charity shops – so many!!!

Leafleting and promotion through the streets of Brighton is a huge part of the festival – what are your tips for flyering?

SING – Most people enjoy being serenaded!

Singing and generally being smiley and happy often leads to a lovely conversation, and conversations are hands down the best way to sell tickets – the flyer is just for the QR code, the conversation is what gets people to book.

Tell us about your average day on a festival show run?

We split into 2 teams and in both we have a mix of introverts and extroverts.

THE MORNING PEOPLE – Wake up, make breakfast, swim, shower, do a few social media posts, browse the charity shops and meet us at Fringe Central about 11

THE NIGHT OWLS – Lie in, shower, grab a banana or coffee on the way out, meet us at Fringe Central about 11

11am – 12pm Flyer

12 – 1pm get lunch (alone or together depending on our introvert/extrovert preferences)

1- 2pm Warm up (which attracts attention outside – our techies and FOH flyer the people who ask about the show as we warm up)

2 – 3pm Flyer and do any Fringe Central spots we can get

3pm dismissed to recharge/get changed until 3.45pm when we meet outside the venue (this is when the night owl browse the charity shops!)

4pm – 5pm show

5pm get out and go for a drink! Group Dinner optional.

THE MORNING PEOPLE – May watch a few shows, exit flyer then get an early night

THE NIGHT OWLS – Watch a few later shows, exit flyer, network, do a few social media posts, try and get to bed by 2am to get 8 hours sleep if we have a show the next day otherwise…KAREOKE!

Where we are doing multiple days, we don’t need everyone to flyer every day so we decide who is taking which days off and then the only requirements are the warm up, performances, get in and get out.

Performing by the sea as well, that surely makes the fringe all that much more fun?

SO much more fun, though one member did nearly get arrested once for swimming at night.

Who would be your ultimate dream audience member?

Lin Manuel Miranda – because we feel like he would almost definitely join in!

If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media?

@AcaprovMusical on all social media and via our website

And Finally finish this sentence – ‘you should see our show at Brighton Fringe because….

it will warm your heart, make your toes tap, your face smile and your brain wonder how on earth we just did all those things at once!’

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