Improv Corner – In The Lyrics – High Hopes

The other week, I went to one of Panic! At The Discos last gigs in the United Kingdom and the next day it gave me some inspiration for an article for this feature. Panic! At The Disco are a band that were very close to my heart and when I perform improv, it is a band that I listen to a lot before a show to energise me and get me into the zone. I find that their music can get me really focussed and a few energetic dances with my headphones on full blast can really help.

From listening to their music, I realised that in the world, there are so many songs that have lyrics that can be relevant to the world of improv and performance that I thought it would be fun to ever so often look at certain songs in more depth. Just like Improv In The Media, this feature will look in depth of a song and just how it can inspire the world of improv.

To kick this feature off, this week we are going to look at a track by Panic! At The Disco which I feel has some relevance to improv.

This Weeks Song: High Hopes, Panic! At The Disco

This song is incredibly uplifting and you can understand why it did so well in the charts. It is a track that has lyrics that can really give the adrenaline rush you need even for improv. Let us have a look at some of the lyrics that may be relevant to improv or may be looked at in a way that can relate to improv:

+ Be something greater go make a legacy, manifest destiny – I feel these are great words for improv because creating new and fresh ideas on stage can create this whole world of magic. Sometimes improv scenes can be so good that it can be something people remember whether it is for the night of the show, the week or permanently.

+ Light up your wildest dreams – The one thing about an improv space is that you can make anything happen. The possibilities are endless. I think it is a really positive and uplifting lyric if you think about it in an improv sense as it gives you inspiration to do whatever you dream. In improv, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating new ideas and making magic happen on stage.

There are so many more but sometimes it just better to listen to the whole track in it’s entirety as it can be uplifting, also the trumpets make it very fun.

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