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The Travel Book – Travel Through A Photo – Chicago, Illinois

There is always a story behind a photograph and I thought it would be a fun way to look at the world of travel. So, welcome to a new feature that will appear regularly this year in the travel section. Today we are going to kick things off by looking at one of my favourite photos.

It is 2011 and it is my first time in Chicago I have always wanted to visit the city so it is a pretty big deal. I went twice that year as I loved it so much the first time I also returned again at Christmas. Today we are looking at a photograph I took the first time I visited there and that was in May or June of that year.

I instantly fell in love with Chicago, it was a city that I adored as it was a mixture of modern and old fashioned. I remember when I saw this view that is in the photograph for the first time and it was actually when I was walking towards the city from the area where the aquarium was.

It was a lovely stroll and it was also a really hot day in the city. I found that when the sun shined, the city sort of came to life in all of it’s glory. When we started to walk up to this fountain, it was truly fascinating, it was so huge and also breathtaking at the same time. The view of the city was unbelievable and I will never forget that feeling.

I love this photo as it really defines what Chicago feels like to me. IT feels powerful whilst also glowing in all of it’s pride and glory. This photo always puts a smile on my face.

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