It’s A Trap Month! – INTERVIEW – Hitting The Road!

All this month we are talking to MissImp, an improv team based in Nottingham and this year they are taking their show on the road! The team have a show called It’s A Trap The Improvised Star Wars show and this year they are performing in many locations including The Brighton Fringe. This week I sit down with the team to find out all about how the team have been since we last spoke.

Hello MissImp team! how are you? 

Hey, we are doing really well thanks. Super busy in Nottingham as we gear up for our 25th birthday this year.

It has been a while since we last spoke – has there been many changes in your team?

We have added some fantastic new faces, and had a little tweak or two to the format! You can expect better battles and spectacular space fights now.

How is 2023 going for you so far?

2023 has been good so far. We’ve had our first big show of the year at Leicester Comedy Festival and even had lessons in proper lightsabre combat!

What about  2022 for you? What were the highlights?

There’s a couple of stand out points. Getting nominated for the Best improv show at Leicester Comedy Festival was really special, getting all dressed up for the awards ceremony! Getting to return to the main Stage of the Nottingham Playhouse was special too.

Have you learnt anything about your show last year that you aim to develop or do this year differently?

We’ve learnt the show is most fun when you untether it from the Star Wars canon. We want to let ourselves fly off into the galaxy not get stuck on the same recognisable characters from the movie.

This year seems like it is going to be an exciting one for you as well! Tell us about it! 

This year is all about hitting the road. We are getting all over the place with It’s A Trap! Leicester to start the year, Brighton very soon and then a couple of other festivals and locations we need to firm up. 

Where can people purchase tickets or learn more about these shows?

The best place to find out everything is but the next show we have is Brighton Fringe and that can be found right here –

What other shows are you looking forward to seeing this year?

MissImp is turning 25 this year so we are really hyped for our big birthday bash in the autumn.

What about improv troupes are there any that you would recommend to others?

There’s a brilliant Nottingham show called Four Far Away which is a quartet of improvisers exploring Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Magical Realistic worlds – they are brilliant and feel like a cousin to us!

Finally, for this week! What was your favourite suggestion of 2022?

Antimacassar. No longer a piece of cloth to protect a chair and instead a planet on which great futures are decided.

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