Monthly Music Hitlist – February 2023

This year I have decided to keep a diary of tracks that I am enjoying so that maybe you can gain new ideas of tracks to listen to or even try out. I am keeping a diary of tracks throughout the month that stand out to me so that I can put these selected tracks into an article for you! Here is this months hitlist

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5/2/23 – Desperado, Kendji Girac

This song is toe tapping and has a great beat to it, the thing that makes it unique as a dance track is the flamenco guitar that is scattered throughout. It is a track that is great fun and a joy to hear, it makes you want to tap your toe and head to the dance floor. Out of Kendji’s newer music, this is one of my favourites.

6/2/23 – Is It What It Feels Like This (Remix ), Wombats

A lot of the time I cannot stand a remix of a track, however there are a few that come along that take a song and make something new and exciting. I came across this remix of the Wombats song and I was instantly addicted, it is such a catchy version. I love the electronic sound the whole way through as it is really catchy and great fun to listen to. I haven’t stopped listening to this track as it is so catchy. The original track comes off of their 2022 ep and whilst it is good, it has a indie vibe to it.

8/2/23 – Shelter (feat Avril Lavigne), MOD SUN

This is Mod Suns second track to be released with Avril Lavigne and yet again it is a song that is really catchy. The chorus is melodic and is easy to sing along to and has a real combination of his style and her style merged together. Until recently, they were engaged so it is understandable why they released a lot of tracks together but I doubt that this will be the case from now on.

13/2/23 – Running Out Of Time, Paramore

I was listening to Radio X and this was the song of the week and this is the first time I heard it. I am not sure about the new Paramore music, I listen to the new tracks and hate them at first then they weirdly grow on me. I think the reason I find their music hard to get used to is that I grew up with them when they were more emo and I find it very hard to associate their new ‘sound’ with this band as it is so different to the sound I used to know and love.

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