Listed! – This Week – Sporting Challenges

Welcome to the feature where every fortnight we will explore different topics that are listed in the book A List A Day by Paperchase. They range from food, music and travel to really random topics so I thought it wold be a fun one to talk about throughout the year!

Today’s List: Sporting Challenges

As much as I don’t have the time, I quite enjoy sport. If I had the time I would love to give these a try or even revisit them where I left them.


I was on the hockey team at school and really enjoyed playing it. I was always in defense as it was always a fun position to play. It would be really good fun to do it all again however only if there was a guarantee that I would not break bones or teeth as it is a very violent game at times!


I tried this once at a summer camp when I was a kid and really liked it and would love the chance to try it all over again. I remember that it was hard work but when you hit the target it was such an achievement!


I went kayaking in Antigua and flipping loved it and saw so much nature under the sea. I know that may not be the case in the United Kingdom but I would love to try it again as it was such a fun adventure!

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