The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Don’t Go By Car – Go By Bus!

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Cars, they make everything easier and give you the freedom to go anywhere you want. I currently do not drive so when I am abroad or even on holiday in the UK, I have to rely on public transport. However, in that time I have learnt some really valid lessons and also have discovered that sometimes public transport can be your friend!

If I was in London, I would get out of my way to avoid busses, however when you get away from the capital, they can become your best friend and allow you to see so much!

Jumping on local busses instead o tour busses can be a hell of a lot cheaper and can even lead you to see places you didn’t even know existed or would want to visit in a car. I have jumped on so many random busses in the UK and abroad just to see if it will lead to something exciting or new.

Now, let’s be honest it does not always work out how you imagine – I have ended up in really boring areas, to an end location that was not great and even have been on busses where they change their route with no reason or even any notice (this happened to me in Florida). However, most of the time the results can be absolutely fantastic.

Here are some examples for you:

+ In Darlington I took a random bus not knowing what Bernard Castle was (this was pre-covid and Cummingate, this was 2015) and ended up going on a beautiful route across the countryside and ending up in a pace with a beautiful river and village.

+ In Tampa, whilst i have been on some journey’s that ended up going wrong, there have actually been some fun trips that actually was a surprise. We wanted to go to the zoo and so we jumped on the bus which was the long way round and saw the suburban living I wouldn’t normally see as a tourist.

+ When I lived in Newcastle, I used to jump on so many busses to see different places as it was always a mystical adventure. One of my favourite journey’s was to Alnwick as the view from the bus was amazing.

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