Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW – The Stone Foxes

Welcome to the feature where we talk to musicians about some of their favourite things about the industry. Today we speak to the band The Stone Foxes to find out all about their favourite things. The band have recently released the LP On The Other Side.

What is your Favourite:

Song you have written:

Spence: “On The Other Side”


Shannon: “How does it feel to be such a freak? You say ‘Impossible!’ as he hands you a bone.” – Bob Dylan


Spence: Jimmy Page

Film or television show:

Shannon: Batman (1989, with Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton, Kim Basinger)

Venue to perform at:

Spence: The Independent in SF

Item to take with you on tour:

Shannon: SF Giants hat


Spence: 1973 Gibson SG Special

Song to play live:

Shannon: “Help Me Now”

Album by another musician:

Spence: The Time Has Come – The Chambers Brothers

Memory of tour:

Spence: The week we got to spend in New Orleans during Halloween between playing Voodoo Fest and The House of Blues. Oysters, po’ boys, beignets, badass musicians at the Spotted Cat, seeing friends and making new ones, crashing on floors, meeting Dr. John, watching the Raconteurs, a late night afterparty seeing Portugal the Man, a Halloween house party where no one knew who the guy dressed in the old man mask, wearing nothing but tightie whities and a bathrobe, giving out gummy bears to strangers from his pocket was… ha!

Era for music:

Shannon: Late ’60’s

Part of making a record:

Spence: Tracking a guitar part that I feel really captures the sounds that I’m hearing in my head.

Thing about performing at festivals:

Shannon:The celebratory vibe. Festivals have this spontaneous celebratory vibe to them that can’t be recreated in a club.


Shannon: “You are the Pan.” – Rufio

Thing about the music industry at the moment:

Spence: Independently recording and releasing music is so accessible now.

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