The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Aims for 2023

I think writing the words New Years Resolution puts a lot of pressure on someone to do that particular thing for the year – so this year I thought I wold mix it up and call them aims. I love travelling and exploring but sometimes you cannot always do what you set out to do so instead, having aims mean you can try to achieve that but if you do something else along the way it may exceed your expectations! So here are a few aims I have for my 2023 travel plans.

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+ See More Of the UK

I love exploring new areas of the United Kingdom and whilst I have seen quite a few places, I always feel like I have never seen enough! So, this year I am going to try and see much more and hopefully go to new areas that I have not seen before. There are so many places on my to visit list that it is always exciting when I can go and visit somewhere new.

+ Take More Photos

I already take a lot of photographs but sometimes I feel that sometimes it is not enough even though there are so many already. I feel that sometimes you think you have a photo that looks great but when you then expand it up, the photo is not as greater quality and you felt it would be. I also want to try and do more photography of the stars as they are just so pretty.

+ Try More New Restaurants

Lastly, I think something that can be important is trying new food, even if you have been to a place before you should reach out and explore a different restaurant or cafe in the area instead of going to your most reliable one. There is so much to a city to explore and trying new things can help this as well!

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