Musical Sliding Doors – This Week – Rock Music

This month I thought it would be interesting to look at music in a different way. I was listening to a song the other day and I thought to myself ‘if this was the first song I had heard of this band would I like them and be a fan or listen to more of their tracks?’

So, for this month, I thought it would be interesting to look at a number of different bands and whether certain songs, if i had heard them first would of pulled me in to want to listen to more of that bands music. Now, that is not to say that any of the songs are bad, it is all personal opinion, but it was just a little thing that stuck in my brain and I wanted to explore. Each week, I will be exploring a different genre and looking at different tracks at different times in the musicians career to discuss the impact it would of had on me. This week we are looking at the genre of rock music and just a few bands.

Panic! At The Disco

I Write Sins Not Tragedies

I am a huge Panic! At The Disco fan and this is the song that would reel me into their world when I was 17. That first time I heard this song I entered this new and exciting world of what music can actually be. The album that this debut single is off as well was full of drama and unique patterns with music that you never thought could be possible with a band. This will always be one of my favourite albums and this song really is the reason I love them.

That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)

I was so disappointed with the album Pretty. Odd as it was so different to what I had fell in love with this band. This is one of those songs that I tried really hard to like but just could not get on with it. I found this album very indie with a huge hint of sixties style and I just could not get on with it. If this was a track that I had heard first I definitely would not be the fan that I ended up being. Thank goodness all the albums after this have been amazing.


Time Is Running Out

I remember the first time I heard this, it was a song that stuck me in my head and I loved the construction of it. I initially recorded it off the radio so it was a very shoddy version with a DJ speaking over the end of it. When I go the album Absolution I used to play this song over and over on repeat as I loved how powerful it becomes.

Will of The People

I do like Muse new music but the problem is, the tracks do not have the same impact on my like their original tracks, I don’t listen to them as much as I used to and I just don’t engage with it as much as I did. This song is good but I think if this was the first song that I heard of Muse I do not think that I would be a fan of them as I am now. The Absolution album was like nothing I had heard before and took my breath away in places where as I find their new music does not do this. Maybe it is the nostalgia or the way that music has changed how we interact with it but this new music just does not hit the same.


Watch What Happens Next

This was not the first track that I heard from Waterparks but it was the second and I became addicted to it very quickly. It was lockdown and I was working a lot through the night and I found that this track very quickly became one of my best friends. I would have it in on in my headphones full blast and dance around my room lip syncing to it when I felt I needed a morale booster. I discover new music these days by listening to random Spotify playlists and when this came on I instantly connected. I like that their style is not 100% one genre and there are definitely influences from different areas.


This is not a bad track, but it is a song that you have to listen to more then once to really appreciate it as it is very random in places. I think if I had heard this as the first song from Waterparks I do not think that I would of listened to other songs. I think it is one of those tracks that really has to make an impression on you for you to listen to the rest of their music. I may be wrong but for me personally I feel you would only appreciate the song and the lyrics if you knew more tracks by the band.

…and sometimes it goes the other way

Sometimes you are not a fan of a musicians songs until you hear one track a lot later that changes your perspective.



In 2019, the name Yungblud was starting to pop up everywhere so I Googled him and this is the first track I heard and I hated it. I didn’t really like the video and I couldn’t understand why he was popular. Within the month of seeing this video I thought screw it, lets go and see him live and see what the fuss is about. Seeing it live changed my mind and complete perception on the music and this song. I knew he was going to be huge and he is getting bigger by the minute. I now like this song but there was a very short time when I didn’t.


If there is one song that really got me hooked into Yungblud then that was Loner. It was very Oasis style in it’s sound but I really liked it. I think going to see him live with a track I liked made me realise that I was slowly becoming a fan. I think if you are not sure about Yungblud start with this track as it is the easiest one to like.

Bring Me The Horizon

Bite My Tongue (You Me AT Six Track but let me explain…..)

I have tried for YEARS to get into this band and I just could not do it, from the first song I heard Olly from which was a You Me At Six track Bite My Tongue, I just could not get on team ‘Bring Me The Horizon’. I really cannot remember the songs that I heard originally of the band so I am going to put this You Me At Six track here because they were the ones that introduced me to them.


It was only in lockdown when I started to have more time to listen to music that I made an effort to listen to some of their new tracks and I do. I think Sleepwalking was one of the first tracks that I found that I started to actually enjoy, I do wonder if this was a track that I originally tried to get into them but never succeeded. I really like their music now and enjoy the drama of this track.


All The Small Things

I remember the first time that I heard a Blink-182 track was at the end of Charlies Angels and it was All The Small Things. I was never a fan of this song, it just didn’t really click with me and I couldn’t see the fascination with it. Even though I am a huge fan of Blink now (and have been since about 2002) I still am not a fan of this song and controversially, find it boring.

Blind Date

I cannot remember when I first heard this or if it was the first song that I originally liked of Blink-182 but it was very early on that I heard this track and instantly loved it. As a teenager, this song really resonated with me and I found it so catchy I would listen to this and the album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket on repeat.

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