Monthly Music Hitlist – October 2022

This year I have decided to keep a diary of tracks that I am enjoying so that maybe you can gain new ideas of tracks to listen to or even try out. I am keeping a diary of tracks throughout the month that stand out to me so that I can put these selected tracks into an article for you! Here is this months hitlist

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7/10/2022 – This Is Why, Paramore

It has been a long time since we have had new music from Paramore and it was a nice surprise to have this track announced. I would not say that it is my favourite song of theirs but it is unique and it is nice to hear something fresh from the band and intrigued to see what the album leads.

10/10/22- Daydreaming, Harry Styles

I came across this track for the first time in October and it is a song that I have found pretty enchanting and interesting to listen to. I find that Harry Styles tracks and very unique and it can take a while to get used to them and enjoy them for what they are as they have so many elements to them. This one took a while to grow on me but now I appreciate it.

14/10/22 – Edging, Blink-182

Anyone that reads this website will know that I am a huge Blink-182 fan and Tom Delonge, so the news that he returned to the band was an exciting (but to be honest I was expecting it ) surprise and their first track together in 10 years was a delight! I really like this song and it is very addictive that I can listen to it on repeat.

15/10/22 – No Tomorrow, Zebrahead

It was a lovely surprise to discover that one of my other favourite bands released a brand new single and it was a great track as it was catchy and a great addition to the catalogue of tracks. They recently announced they were releasing new music as well so it will be fun to see what happens.

16/10/22 – Love About It, Waterparks Featuring Blackbear

This song is one of those tracks that grows on you to a point where you want to constantly listen to it on repeat. This track has some really bold electronic and guitar hits which make it a great track. Also, there is two versions I have added the none swearing so that you can listen to it on here but if you go to other channels such as Spotify you will be able to find the other version.

17 / 10/22 Die Of A Broken Heart, Olly Murs

After his recent engagement, Olly Murs has returned to the music scene with a track all about love with an album in the pipeline also about love and marriage. It is a song I wasn’t sure at first that I liked but it steadily grows on you. It is not a bad track but I do not think it is one of his best tracks.

18/10/22 – Sleepwalking, All Time Low

This is a really good track by All Time Low and has all the elements that you would want from the band. a catchy chorus, bold lyrics and fun instrumental sections. It is one of those songs that fits really great into their music catalogue and I would say one of my favourite songs in recent times by the band.

27/10/22 – Dandelions, Hawthorne Heights

I heard this song for the first time on this day and it was a track that I found pretty catchy. It is just one of those tracks that is just a good rock song, big guitars, catchy lyrics and just a fun listen. The chorus is big and punchy and makes you want to listen to it loudly in headphones.

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