Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW – A Permanent Shadow

Welcome to a brand new feature where we talk to musicians about some of their favourite things about the industry. Today we speak to musician A Permanent Shadow whose latest album is Humdrum. Today we play a little game to find out more.

What is your Favourite:

Song you have written:

“Day Zero”. It’s a tricky one, almost nine minutes long and quite epic. It took us a while to get it right when recording our last album.


“Do you recall the sweat lodge, people were turning blue, choking to death all around us, but where was the self-help guru?” A lyric from our song “Breakthrough” about false gurus and so-called life coaches. 


David Bowie, forever and ever

Film or television show:

Better Call Saul. I just love it. It makes me NEVER want to visit New Mexico ever in my life. 

Venue to perform at:

Razzmatazz in Barcelona. A legendary venue where everybody has played, from Iggy Pop to Primal Scream to Gary Numan. 

Item to take with you on tour:

My trusty MP3 player. I listen to a lot of music which is not on any digital platform (mainly live bootlegs), so my way of listening to music is rather retro.


Drums. I listen to the drums first and foremost and also tend to watch the drummer more than anyone else onstage. Unless it’s Bowie, of course.

Song to play live:

“Broken English” by Marianne Faithful is my favourite cover of ours. Our version rocks, if I dare say so myself. 

Album by another musician:

“The Idiot” by Iggy Pop. It’s the perfect record in my opinion. 

Memory of tour:

We haven’t toured much, to be honest, what with COVID and financial restrictions of a self-managed and self-financed artist. What I do remember about playing together with other musicians is the comradery. Making an album in the studio the way I do it is a pretty lonely process, so interacting with others is always much more fun. 

Era for music:

Late 70’s post-punk. So many great albums were released in the period of 79-81. Echo & The Bunnymen come to mind, as well as Joy Division, The Psychedelic Furs and Gang of Four. 

Part of making a record:

Preproduction and arrangements. Sometimes miracles happen. 

Thing about performing at festivals:

The advantage of playing festivals is that you can reach a really broad audience that would never come to see you in a club. And, of course, you get to know other bands and musicians and can watch them for free. 


“I want everything, and I want it now!”

Thing about the music industry at the moment:

You have to be your own manager, promoter, record company and booker these days. Making music is not enough anymore. 

Thing about this year so far?

Lots of ups and downs on a personal level, but musically things are going smoothly, thank you very much. 

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