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The Travel Book – Sunshine Adventures – Madrid, Spain

The summer, what a glorious time to be going on your holidays, in that hot weather, the sun, the sea, the sand! Well, whilst a lot of you are on your out of Office time of the year I thought it would be fun to spend the month of August reminiscing about the world of summer travel. Now, I tend to go on a lot of my holidays in the winter but a few summer ones stand out in my mind. We are going to kick off the month with a quick break away where I think I have felt the hottest I have ever been.

Madrid, Spain

It was 2016, I had just finished working in Newcastle and was returning to London and to celebrate the occasion we booked a quick holiday away to Madrid as we felt we needed a break. It was near the end of August and we thought it would be nice to do a city break. 

It was scorching hot in Madrid. due to the fact the capital is inland as well means that it gets even hotter then probably other parts of Spain. I remember how happy I was to reach our hotel and check in where there was air conditioning.

Even on the short holidays abroad, we walk a lot. In Madrid we tried to do the same thing, we went to parks, the palaces, the zoo, the botanical gardens, the city and every walking moment was difficult because it was boiling. It was crucial that we had a bottle of water on us at all times and keep drinking. 

We would go out early in the morning to go somewhere to explore and then we would be back at the hotel by four because it was too hot to do anything else. The hotel that we were staying in did have a swimming pool but it was pretty small and there was always a group of couples that would hog it. I remember it was a really random set out for the poolside and we had a view from our room so we used to watch people at times because sometimes there were some really weird people out there. 

Even though the weather was too hot to handle, it was a fun break and I hope to re-visit Madrid in the future. 

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