Funny At The Fringe – Preview Review – Sasha Ellen: Creeps and Geeks

Sadly, this year, The Phoenix Remix cannot go to the Edinburgh Fringe (we aim to make this up to you in 2023), however, we have been sent some previews of shows so instead we are reviewing those! Today is a review of the show Creeps and Geeks by comedian Sasha Ellen. Details are also below for where you can find the show at the Fringe this August.

Sasha Ellen: Creeps and Geeks

Credit:  Karla Gowlett

Location:  Underbelly, Bristo Square – Daisy (Venue 302 )

Dates: Aug 3rd-15th, 17th-29th

Time: 16:15

Price: £11 Concession £10

Ticket Link:

Date of Show Reviewed: 23/7/22

Location: QED Comedy Lab Presents: Oxford Comedy Festival

As soon as Sasha approaches the stage there is a burst of energy, from this warm and bubbly comic, there is instant connection with the audience and the laughter is there right from the start. Sasha uses her voice to create emphasis on her jokes and it creates this great character that is easy to enjoy and delve into her world. You learn incredibly early on that one of Sasha’s talents as a comedian is that you will think a joke is going in one direction but then will completely be amused as how it changes before the punchline. Also, it is not always what you expect the outcome to be which is fun and also exciting as an audience member.

The show has the perfect mixture of stories about ‘creepy’ and ‘Geeky’. The ‘creepy’ stories delve into themes such as strange dating stories, how things we get taught in school you look differently as an adult and even Alexa. There are also a good few jokes about ‘geeky’ topics – everything from gaming, D&D and technology. These are two topics that are not usually something you can imagine being in the same show but they compliment each other incredibly well and there are some interesting crossovers. It is an hour packed with lots of jokes and stories that are fast paced and incredibly witty. Be warned there are jokes that are rude and sexual, there is quite a big part near the end of the show.

One thing that will be a common theme at Edinburgh this year is jokes about the pandemic, politics, the royals and even though there is mention about lockdown they are quick, snappy and relevant to the theme of the show which again is important and not just used to be ‘on trend.’

It is one of those shows where you feel completely engaged and the hour goes by very quickly. One thing that Sasha is very good at is interacting with the audience and it should be highly praised. The crowd react vibrantly to her interactions because she welcomes them into this warm space where they feel safe and happy to engage and share their own stories when requested to.

I am sad that I couldn’t be there in person to watch this show live but I will definitely be going to see Sasha at a show in the future. This is a comedian you need to keep an eye out for and make sure that you can fit Creeps and Geeks into your roster at the fringe. I will say that I am not sure I was a fan of the finale of the show as I am not sure it had the same pace as the rest of it but it was certainly unique.

Rating: **** 4 stars

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