The Jukebox Month – This Week – Fresh Feelings After Midnight….

We are gearing up for comedy festival season here on the Phoenix Remix, so before everything kicks off I thought it would be fun to do a month celebrating the world of music. I have managed to find another load of questions to discuss a lot more music! So every Wednesday I will be discussing different topics around the world of music! We will cover lots of different topics including ones attached to memories, new music and songs you may not of heard of!

A song you want to wake up to in the morning

Fresh Feeling – Eel

I think a song that you wake up to in the morning should be a song that gradually wakes you up and something you metaphorically imagine sort of being the sunrise as it comes in the window. I came across this song when I first watched Chuck and I loved it. The track is always a song that makes me think you can chill to it and it would be a great song to either fall asleep to or wake up to. I love the instrumental parts in this song and it always makes me smile.

An all time favourite song

After Midnight – Blink-182

There are many songs that I would class as my favourite but one of the songs that would be right up there is After Midnight by Blink-182. I am so in love with this song, it does not matter how many times I hear this it always gets better and better. it is a track by Blink that always makes me smile and I love the music arrangement and the instrumental throughout.

A song that would be in a montage of your life

Reasons Unknown – The Killers

This is a really interesting question, as a video editor, montages are a huge part of my life and being given the option to do a montage of your life would be insane. i think I would love to have a lot of different songs but I think this song by The Killers would definitely be there. I saw this track used in the film How to Lose Friends and Alienate People and it worked so well in a montage that I would love the opportunity to use it as well.

A song to recommend to a friend

Desperate Measures – Marianas Trench

I think one band that I would recommend to a friend is Marianas Trench – they are still pretty unknown here in the United Kingdom so i think it would be good fun to let people listen to them. I think the song that I would use to introduce a new person to the band would be the song Desperate Measures. It is an amazing song and it is really catchy and the more you hear it, the better it becomes

A song from a game

Check – Zebrahead

I have been listening to Zebrahead for years without even realising it. They are a band that I would say are one of my favourites and I thought I only discovered them when I saw them live at university in 2007. However, no, this is not the case, I have in fact been listening to them since I was a kid as they were actually on the Tony Hawks game I played thousands of times. A song that I even knew all the lyrics to and sung along to – life is weird.

A song from a film

The Other Side – The Greatest Showman

I was late to watching this film and only got round to it at the end of last year, however I have been listening to the music of the film for a very long time. This song is so catchy and I always find myself singing along and even bopping along. it is a great film for songs and they are all very easy to sing along to.

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