The Travel Book – Ben Nevis Bar, Fort William, Scotland

One of my favourite places that I have visited in Scotland has been Fort William because the views are amazing and it is a great place to walk and explore. I always find that it is a special cherry on the top when you can find a great place to eat as well. One of the places that we enjoyed visiting for food was the Ben Nevis Bar.

The Ben Nevis Inn is located on the high street of Fort William. If you are heading from the train station it is about a 10-15minute walk away. It opens daily from midday and closes at 1am. The bar was established in 1806 and if you choose the right table you have a lovely view of the loch.The restaurant has a varied menu for both lunch and dinner including items such as fish and chips, burgers, soups and much more.

The menu is constantly updating and there are also specials available as well. I went to Ben Nevis Bar a few times and I really liked the food as it was really tasty. The staff were really friendly as well.

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