The Jukebox Month – This Week – Confetti …Into The Unknown

We are gearing up for comedy festival season here on the Phoenix Remix, so before everything kicks off I thought it would be fun to do a month celebrating the world of music. I have managed to find another load of questions to discuss a lot more music! So every Wednesday I will be discussing different topics around the world of music! We will cover lots of different topics including ones attached to memories, new music and songs you may not of heard of!

A song by an artist you just learnt about

Black Confetti – Dreamers

This is not really an artist that I have just learnt about but it is a band that I came across early this year and ever since then I have really enjoyed their music. I find that DREAMERS music is catchy, upbeat and really hard not to like. I find the best way to discover new music is by listening to lots of new playlists on Spotify as they always try and choose songs that you may like.

A song featured in one of your favourite films

Your Song – Moulin Rouge

I feel that this is a really predictable answer as it is the first one that always springs to mind. There are many films that I would class as my favourite that I watch a lot more then Moulin Rouge but as a musical fan this film is amazing. I love this film, I hardly watch it these days but ever so often it is great to just listen to the music. I love Ewan McGregor’s singing voice (if you are a fan be sure to hear his song from Down With Love as well as that is amazing too). I would say out of all the songs available in this film it was very hard to choose between this one and Roxanne Tango. The reason I chose Your Song is because I love Ewan singing it and even all these years later when I see it or hear it, the singing is magical and makes me believe in the magic of love.

An artist you want to hang out with

I’m Just A Gigalo – Louis Prima

This is a really difficult question and it is one that I spent a lot of time thinking about. I feel that this question is not about you music heroes or idols, it is about someone that you would want to hang out with because they would have a good laugh or a fun time. Saying that I really had no idea who to put for this answer. I literally thought about this song for days and I was still no further forward. I eventually decided on Louis Prima, his music is really interesting and from his albums i get the impression he was a big showman. Also some of his lyrics are so random I would love to know why. Also he may get all of his band to play for you that would be amazing.

A cover that is better then original

Into The Unknown – Panic! At The Disco

I was not a fan of Frozen 2, it was a film that was fine the first time but it is one of those animations that i cannot imagine re-watching it unless I was forced to or I was in the mood to do so. However, there is one thing that I tend to do a lot and that is listen to the Panic! At The Disco version of Into the Unknown.It is a very hard song to sing and the way that Brendan Urie cannot only sing it but also makes it his own

A song that reminds you of an old crush

Story Of A Lonely Guy – Blink-182

There was a guy that I always saw on the bus home when I was on my way home from school, I never knew his name ( i ended up finding it out but not knowing it was exciting) but I always thought he was cute. He went to a different high school to me and it was always exciting if he ended on my bus – I have no idea why, I never spoke to him, I was too shy but it was just nice to have a bit of eye candy for half my journey. One song that reminds me of seeing him on the bus was the song Story Of A Lonely Guy – it had no relevance to him but my cassette player always seemed to land on that track whenever I saw him so I found it to sort of be his anthem.

A song that makes you feel bad ass

The State Of Massachusetts – Dropkick Murphys

It is really hard to think of a specific song for this topic – there is a Spotify playlist that has this as a name of a playlist and I didn’t believe it would have an impact but the one thing you notice about the songs are that they have heavy drum beats that make you want to walk along with a bit of a rhythm in your step. I find that bands that are pretty heavy rock and have attitude in the song can also do this, one song that springs to mind for me is Dropkick Murphys The State of Massachusetts. There is no reason for it apart from the fact that it is the only song I can think of at this time.

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