The Jukebox Month – This Week – High Hopes Ruled By Secrecy….

We are gearing up for comedy festival season here on the Phoenix Remix, so before everything kicks off I thought it would be fun to do a month celebrating the world of music. I have managed to find another load of questions to discuss a lot more music! So every Wednesday I will be discussing different topics around the world of music! We will cover lots of different topics including ones attached to memories, new music and songs you may not of heard of!

A song in my heard right now

It’s A Lovely Day Today – Donald O’Connor

The day that I am writing this, it is a gloriously sunny day so I have the song by Donald O’Connor stuck in my head as it goes with the heat outside. I heard this on Donald’s album of greatest hits but is actually from the film Call Me Madam from the 1950s. It is such a happy little tune that when it is sunny it puts a spring in your step.

A song that makes you stop in your tracks

Ruled By Secrecy – Muse

I think the sort of song that makes you stop in your tracks is one that is dramatic, musically phenomenal and blows you away. There are many songs that I could put in this section but one track that really stood out to me when I first heard it was Ruled By Secrecy by Muse. Absolution is an amazing album and when I heard this at the end of the album I was speechless – the piano solo is one of the best I have heard on a track and I feel that it was one of those tracks that made Muse stand out as so unique to me. This is why I love Absolution so much. It is a great album.

A song that influences a decision you made

High Hopes – Panic! At The Disco

I think this is an incredibly strong statement to say that a song has influenced a decision that you have made and I can honestly say that there is not a song that has done this. I will say though, that there are tracks and music that have made me feel determined to do something and keep me focussed. One of those songs that I believe did this was the song High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco. I find a lot of their songs great to listen to, especially when I am gearing up for an improv show. I used to find when I listened to this track before an improv show my decisions in the scenes would be bigger, more outgoing and very exciting. that is why I find that it has influenced some of the choices that I have made.

A Really Good Music Video

Bye Bye Bye – *NSYNC

I used to write a feature called The Magic of The Music video, which I hope at some point to bring back to the website. It was an article that looked at music videos by different bands and explained why I loved them so much. I am a huge fan of the music video and I think it is only right that in this paragraph I talk about one of the videos that I found was magical when I was a kid – NSYNC* Bye Bye Bye. It is such an iconic video and it feels so different to anything else that it is one of those that truly stands out. Also it is a great track as well. Click here to read more.

A song that would be the theme to dream vacation

One Day Like This – Elbow

This is a really hard one to decide on so I thought I would think of a scenario and what I would want from that. If i was going to a dream location, I want there to be views, I want there to be amazing sunsets, sunrises and the sea. To me, I see mountains and adventure as well. So when I think of this I want a song that isn’t really lyric heavy but more about the musical interludes that you can imagine being used to create this happy montage of memories in my mind. So when I think of that I decided to go with the track called On A Day Like This by Elbow. it is not a track I listen to very much but it is a beautiful track and it always makes me smile when I hear that musical interlude.

A song that was popular when working in one of your earliest jobs

The Super Preachers

When I was at university I worked in a cafe in a sealife centre and there was also this one CD that was played all the time and when one of the tracks came on everyone that worked there would walk into the kitchen and do a little dance. It was such an uplifting track and also so silly that it always got everyone in a good mood.

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