The Jukebox Month – This Week – Karma and Charity…

We are gearing up for comedy festival season here on the Phoenix Remix, so before everything kicks off I thought it would be fun to do a month celebrating the world of music. I have managed to find another load of questions to discuss a lot more music! So every Wednesday I will be discussing different topics around the world of music! We will cover lots of different topics including ones attached to memories, new music and songs you may not of heard of!

A song that is good live

Pinball Wizard – The Who

They are a band that I never imagined I would see live, mainly because I am not the biggest fan, I like a couple of their songs but I would never go out of my way to see them. Well there is a place in London where huge acts perform hour sets in an intimate setting and I have no idea how but i managed to score a ticket to a sold out The Who concert, their first acoustic show in 40 years. Due to the fact I went on my own, I also managed to get to the front which was so surreal and weird at the same time. They were amazing live and I am really happy I got a chance to see them. This song was amazing and it was great to hear it in an acoustic setting.

A song to dance to

Charity – Yungblud

I found lockdown a really interesting time, the hardest thing was keeping your emotions up when there was so much darkness in the world. I found one thing that really helped was dancing and I used to dance a lot. I enjoyed putting my headphones on, locking myself in a room and turning up certain tracks full blast and having a sense of a silent disco. Around December, Yungblud released a new song and one track that I always loved dancing to was the song Charity. It reminds me of the song Parklife from Blur so it felt familiar but also ha a great beat that you can dance along to.

A song you resonate with you right now

Scriptvre – Kasabian

I am a fan of Kasabian and since they have had a band line up change it is exciting with all the new music that is being released. This song may not be new anymore but when this was released it was a lovely surprise and it was something that I was not expecting. I feel that it is a sign of good things to come and hopefully an album. This song is different from their old songs and I really like the fresh new sound.

A song that was number 1 in year you were born

Like A Prayer – Madonna

I haven’t looked at the songs that were released in my year and looking at them today it makes me realise there are a lot of songs that I know, however I decided to choose one that I liked. The song Like A Prayer by Madonna is such an iconic track and it is quite a complex pop track when you listen to it. There are many different elements that make it stand out and make it a fun track to listen to. I find this is one of those songs that when you listen to it there are always new things to listen out to. I think when the choir comes in it makes the track really exciting.

A song to listen to over and over again

Karma – Modsun

I think it is always interesting to look at your end of year on Spotify to understand what you have been listening to a lot. In 2021, the track that was at the top of my listening list was Karma by Modsun. Initially I was surprised by this but when I thought about it, I realised that I had listened to this track a lot. It is one of those songs that is really easy to listen to, it has a chorus that is really easy to sing along to and I just enjoy it as a track.

A song you are surprised you love

Shotgun – George Ezra

I have no idea why but I am not a fan of George Ezra’s music – it is nothing against him but I am just not a fan. So when I heard Shotgun for the hundredth time on a passing radio or an edit, my opinion changed and I liked it. I think love is a very strong word and I personally wouldn’t use it for this song but I can appreciate it for what it is now and listen to it without changing the track.

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